How We Do

Our Survey Solutions organize the data you need to succeed!

Leading our clients to higher performance and growth through employee engagement and retention, brand and customer experience. Delivering innovative thinking and insights that target the right improvements to help your organization grow. Connect with us for the latest publications, events, and current topics within employee research.

Numerous studies have shown that highly engaged employees are more motivated, productive and committed to the organization. Because they feel a part of the company's success, engaged employees produce high-quality work and provide the best customer service. And as customer satisfaction increases, so do profits. Employees know what works for your business and what doesn't. They can tell you the truths about what is actually occurring within the organization. Gathering their ideas and perceptions lets you understand the big and small picture of what's going on throughout the organization, as well as where, and what, changes need to be made to maximize your potential and grow your business.

Here at Foresight SSI, surveys are our core strength. Since 2006, we've mastered both the science and art of business surveys - carefully studying and validating responses to ensure the best possible survey instruments. Today, we offer a wide selection of products and services designed with one goal in mind: improving our clients business results!

  • Asks the right questions so survey results are actionable.
  • Works across cultures, available in 50 languages.
  • Provides an analytical engine to effectively interpret and disseminate survey results.
  • Communicates online with no special software required.
  • Places survey results in the right hands.
  • Provides tools that drive action planning with accountability, to every level of the organization.
  • Compares your survey results to normative data specific to the industry, region, etc.

Our expert Survey support teams guide you through the survey process.

At Foresight Survey Support India Pvt. Ltd., our expert staff is dedicated to helping you improve the relationships vital to long-term success through strategic business surveys. We'll guide and support you throughout the survey process, to ensure that you'll receive the exact data needed to achieve your organization's goals.

Our survey support professionals include industrial and organizational psychologists, research experts, business consultants, projects managers, database experts, software developers, and technical experts. Together, they comprise a winning team that's totally devoted to your survey success.