What We Do

We measure employee engagement across your organization and convert survey data into actions that can help you achieve a higher level of performance and greater business results such as:

  • Higher customer satisfaction.
  • Improved leadership effectiveness.
  • Decreased turnover.
  • Increased profitability.

Our Services:

Employee Surveys

Employee Surveys help organizations learn from those who know your organization best.

Effectively gathering and analyzing employee feedback illuminates what's happening on the frontlines of your organization … what's working well and what isn't. Measuring this input through employee surveys is invaluable in creating action plans toward maximizing your organization's potential. And over time, ongoing measurement helps monitor progress as subsequent employee surveys provide comparative data.

  1. Engagement Surveys
  2. Engagement Model
  3. 360 Leadership Assessments
  4. Exit Surveys
  5. Manager Feedback Surveys
Customer Surveys

Customer Surveys allow your organization to get input directly from your customers.

Constructive customer input can lose its strength when passed down through internal staff such as sales, field service and customer support. Similar to the game "telephone tag," each group hears what they want or need to hear, and the message changes along the way to the right people … if it reaches them at all.

Clearly, it's much wiser to establish a direct connection by conducting customer surveys - resulting in unfiltered, candid feedback about your organization. Through this research, your customers can let you know how your organization compares to major competitors, sharing their all-important perspective on where your strengths and challenges lie.

Customized Surveys

Customized Surveys target areas uniquely important to your organization.

When it comes to business surveys, one size doesn't always fit all. Each organization has its own goals, challenges, structures and lingo - factors not easily accommodated in standard surveys. When you need to cover a unique combination of topics or concerns, a custom-designed survey is the perfect solution.

Action Planning

Action Planning turns employee survey insights into meaningful change.

Conducting an engagement survey is instrumental to better understanding your most valuable resource - your employees. But simply asking the right questions is not enough. A company must follow through by implementing improvements that directly address the survey results. Such actions not only show employees they have a voice in the organization, but also lead to better customer service, higher retention rates, improved productivity and increased profits.

The Foresight Survey Support India Pvt. Ltd. helps organizations develop and implement a survey process that maintains momentum through the action planning and follow-up phases. We work closely with you to understand your business strategies and survey goals so the content, communications strategy and reports are designed to address your specific needs. Once survey data has been collected and analyzed, we can assist your managers with action planning by using tools such as report interpretation and meeting guides, best practices and an action planning and tracking website.